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​ Monday Night Bible Study

Hosted by Pastor Don Patterson. Our time together allows us to gather as brothers and sisters in Christ and read scripture. The books are dissected and discussed, chapter by chapter, to great lengths. We take our time moving through each book and encourage input and opinions. Several different Bible versions are used and we use resources to compare translated words to their original meaning in the language in which it was written. 

We have started a new bible study format and we are leaning towards discipleship training, just as JESUS did for the time HEE was here on the earth. As we move towards the end times and the last major move of GOD before HIS return, we need to be equiped to minister to the lost as those days approach and the difficult times begin to come to the forefront. 

7pm - 8:30pm
Sunday Night Service

We begin with a meal and follow directly with a full Church service. Pastor Brenda teaches children's class, while the adult service is in process.

Meal is 5pm Service starts at 5:45

Miracle Tent Service
February 2nd to 6th
1208 Dixon Blvd, Cocoa Fl. 
7 PM Nightly
For years I have prayed and asked the LORD to reveal HIMSELF to HIS people and in November 2020 JESUS said go and set up a tent in Cocoa Fl. and I will reveal MYSELF just as you have asked. HE also said I am giving you the City of Cocoa with power and authority over every power and principality, every form of darkness that hold this city in bondage. JESUS said I am going to do great signs, wonders and miracles during this meeting so that none can say I have not touched then.

Brenda and I have both written a books that have become available through our ministry and even now I am writing my second book. Our first book is titled "Breaking Demonic Chains" written by Pastors Don and Brenda Patterson and the second is authored by Pastor Don Patterson and is titled "Principles of God".

Books my be ordered by e-mail to for $10 each plus shipping or
 contact Brenda at 321-288-2004
(see book page)