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About Xxtreme Ministries
In March of 2019 we hosted a guest speaker from England to speak, on the word of some dear friends in ministry. Prophet William and Deborah Mitchell. It was an awesome meeting and the Prophet called Brenda and I out and began to speak the word from GOD for our life today. Little did we know GOD is setting us up for another adventure from heaven. The Prophet began to speak and was seeing large fields and class rooms, a big church for meeting, and training the lost to follow JESUS. Three weeks after the word was given, it came to my attention a church across the river from where we live was closing and of course we were excited, could this be the church that was prophesied to us? We began to ride around and look at the property and buildings as the word said we would know it when we see it.

We drove by the church and my spirit got excited as it met every portion of the word spoken by the Prophet. We have inquired about the property, even done a walk through to see just what was there. I was awed at what GOD is about to do for our community. This Church sits on the outskirts of one of the really bad parts of town, full of drugs and killing as well as good Christian people. In my time in the secret place talking to my FATHER HE said to me " I am giving you the city of Cocoa, I'M giving you the church that you have seen and this will be the first step to an even larger church. Don't worry about the money I'M sending someone to pay for it". By faith I am moving forward to the purchase of this church but it will not happen without GOD and people like you hearing and being obedient to GOD. 

The realtor is asking 2.4 Million for the church and property. GOD has given me a much lower figure to offer and we are raising funds for this. This is a real faith move for me but GOD has never let me down and I expect to take possession before the end of the summer. The property has many class rooms and a day care that would provide enough income to pay the staff and utilities for the whole property, while sowing seeds into our future generations. 

Today is March 28th 2020, pray and see if GOD would have you sow into this venture for the Kingdom of Heaven. Not one dollar goes to anything but the purchase of this property. Brenda and I are self supporting (means we work) and have never taken anything from the ministry. This is not about your money it's about reaching thousands of lost and dying people with the Gospel. 
500 seat church
300  seat fellowship hall with a stage
Class rooms and daycare